What to expect when budgeting for your design

There are many variables to consider when creating a custom piece, so it’s difficult to give a quote on the spot. We ask that you provide us at least 24 -48 hours to source gems and create an accurate quote for your design. This helps to prevent costly surprises and enables us to find you the highest quality raw materials.

Custom design is labor intensive and time consuming. It offers you a much more personal experience and beautiful, quality finished piece that you will enjoy for years. It costs more than mass manufactured jewelry, but we believe you’ll find it’s worth the price.

Some costs you should expect to pay during your project:

Labor Costs

Designer Fee – $250 (non-refundable, includes two design edits)
Fabrication and Production – $244 (rubber molds, wax models, refining, casting, and finishing)
Stone setting – from $22 per stone


Metals are priced by the pennyweight (DWT). A heavier piece in a higher karat gold will cost more than a light piece in sterling silver. Metal prices change frequently due to commodities markets, so please contact us for an accurate quote. An average ladies’ ring weighs between 3-7 pennyweights, a large men’s ring can be 15-20 pennyweights, and a heavy class ring can be 20-35 pennyweights.

Click here to check today’s metal prices.

Gems can also vary considerably in price, depending on quality, scarcity, and global markets. If budget is a consideration, lab-created or synthetic stones may be a good option to balance cost with your design vision. Gems are set entirely by hand in a very labor-intensive process, so pieces with many stones to set will be more expensive than relatively simple designs.

You may also choose to add special platings or finishes, such as rhodium overlays. This should be calculated into your expected maintenance costs for your item, as these finishes should be replaced every 2-3 years with regular wear.


Verbal estimates are approximations only; all firm estimates will be given in writing and are valid for 30 days

  • All pricing will have center & major side stones priced out separately. Small diamond melee (under .10 ct.) is generally included in all pricing.
  • Estimates on projects that have already started will not be changed without prior notification and approval from the customer, unless the customer pauses production for more than 6 months.
  • Pricing is subject to change based on market fluctuation.
  • We require a 50% non-refundable deposit on custom work and full payment on major gemstones before starting work.
  • We accept credit cards for any amount if presented in person.
  • For internet purchases, we reserve the right to limit credit cards payments to $2000.
  • We may require an ID photo with your credit card, correct billing address and a signed credit card form. We also accept checks, wire transfers or money orders.
  • We currently collect sales tax for orders delivered in Florida, sales tax is subject to change and is based on delivery time and address.
  • We reserve the right to hold orders to allow time for payment clearing.
  • Discounts, Coupons and promotions cannot be combined.

Please contact us for more detailed pricing estimates.


Once you decide to proceed with your design, we will contact you to arrange for the payment of your non-refundable 50% deposit. If you are paying via layaway, we will begin production once you reach the 50% mark. The remainder of your balance is due upon delivery.


If you are interested in financing your design project through Acima, you may fill out an application here.